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Rental places,Gas stations, repair shops

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Rental places, repair shops, gas stations:

Are you ready for your Vespa road trip through Italy?  Is your backpack already packed?  If you need some help, take a look at our packing list which we prepared for you!  Don’t forget your necessary documents and you are ready for your unique travel experience in Italy! You can expect breathtaking sunsets, rides on your Vespa through the beautiful diverse landscapes Italy has to offer as well as unique cities.

In case your Vespa breaks down or gets a flat tire on your road trip through Italy, we want to help you here with this blog post by suggesting repair shops that are located on the route of your tour. It is also good to know that there is ACI roadside assistance, which can be reached in the event of an accident by calling 800116800. You can learn more about the roadside assistance

The following is a list of rental stations and repair shops, based on our roadtrip to Italy  on our website.


Route 1: The North

Rental Station:

You arrived in Milan and ready to start your Vespa road trip? Perfect! Whether you arrived by plane or train, we have found a rental station, called Ciao rent a car, for you that has a branch office at the airport as well as at the train station.

Details Airport office:

Address: Via Novegro, 31, Segrate, 20090 MI

Phone: +39 0238262469


Details Train station office:

Address: Via Roberto Lepetit, 18, 20124 MI

Phone: +39 0266988508  / Website

Repair shops:


Solo Scooter d’occasione

Address: Via Adamello, 51a, 10142 Torino TO

Phone: +39 393 261 8276 / Website 


World Bike Officina Moto Genova

Address: Via Gabriele Rossetti, 48, 16148 Genova GE

Phone: +39 393 276 0999 / Website 



Eddy Motor Bike

Address: Via Eugenio Curiel, 20, 40134 Bologna BO

Phone: +39 051 614 3173 / Website 


Scootermania Di Busolin Stefano

Address: 7/9 Ramo Brendole, 30174 Venezia VE

Phone: +39 041 544 1681


MotorShop Verona

Address: Via C. A. dalla Chiesa, 3, 37136 Verona VR

Phone: +39 045 862 2857 / Website  

Route 2: Tuscany

Rental Station:

If you decided to start your tour in Pisa, Multi RENT Toscana rental station is perfect! Located at the airport, it offers both regular and vintage Vespas, each with 125CC.

Address: Via dell’Aeroporto 69

Phone: +39 393 9245736 / Website

Repair shops:


Firenze Motorcycles

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 59/R, 50134 Firenze FI

Phone: +39 055 483588 / Website

Cinque Terre

Spezia Motors

Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 130, 19124 La Spezia SP

Phone: +39 0187 280045 / Website 



Route 3: The Center

Rental Station:

The Center tour is a very popular one for a unique Vespa road trip through Italy! With the tour starting in Rome, you can easily rent your Vespa at Treno e Scooter Vespa, a rental station right next to the Termini in Rome. You not only get a free smartphone bag, but also a USB socket with your Vespa!

Address: Via Giovanni Lanza, 166, 00184 Roma RM

Phone: +393494169730 / Website 



Perugini Auto, Scooter E Cicli – Perugini Srl

Address: Via le Rose, 45, 01016 Tarquinia VT

Phone: +390766856563 / Website 

Lake Bolsena

Box 33 di Fabio Zallocco

Address: Via di Santa Lucia, 01034 Fabrica di Roma VT

Phone: +390761574173 / Website 


Moto Andrea Sas Di Salimbeni Stefano E C.

Address: Via del Pilastro, 6b, 01100 Viterbo VT

Phone: +393382658593



Address: Via Torri in Sabina, 21/23, 02100 Rieti RI

Phone: +393407459116


Route 4: The South

Rental Station:

To explore the south of mainland Italy, it’s best to start your trip in Naples. The rental station Vespa Sprint, located in the city centre, provides you with one helmet per rider and unlimited mileage when renting a Vespa.

Address: Via Santa Lucia, 32, 80132 Napoli NA

Phone: +39 339 830 6952 / Website 



Moto Tecnica officina moto

Street address: Via Croce, 80054 Gragnano NA

Phone: +393895323625

The Amalfi coast

Motofficina Di Marco Attilio Maurizio Bianciardi

Address: Via Michele Iannicelli, 2/B, 84126 Salerno SA

Phone: +390892756038 / Website 


Checco Motosport

Address: Traversa, Via dell’Industria, n.c, 72015 Fasano BR

Phone: +393490065585 / Website 


Sanza Motors

Address: Via del Gallitello, 98, 85100 Potenza PZ

Phone: +39097155909 / Website 


We hope this information was helpful for you and you can use it for your next Vespa-Trip through Italy! If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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