The Center

Rome – Saturnia – Lake Bolsena – Viterbo – Rieti

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The Center:

Rome – Saturnia – Lake Bolsena – Viterbo – Rieti – Rome

In the Center of Italy, you can explore Rome which is a must-see for your Vespa trip in Italy, or enjoy beautiful nature in places such as Lake Bolsena or Rieti. Furthermore, you can see the smallest country in the world which is Vatican City and located on the territory of Rome, or have adventurous experience and hike mountain Reatini or Termillio. The first destination is Rome so you can rent your Vespa scooter from here and start your journey!


The capital city of Italy known for its famous Colosseum and the Trevi fountain is a must-see in Italy. Rome has it all from cultural and historical see sights to a nightlife experience for your trip to Italy. It is also known as the city of seven hills because of its geographical location. Except for the beautiful city of Rome, you can also see Vatican City which is the smallest country in the world. It is located on the territory of Rome, so it is worth visiting.


If you want to relax after visiting all the cultural and historical sites in Italy, you can definitely visit Saturnia. The town is famous for its spa and is very small with a total population of only 280 people. There is a famous spring called Terme di Saturnia where you can take a relaxing spa day.

Lake Bolsena

Italy is home to Europe’s only three active volcanoes and Lake Bolsena is a lake that has a volcanic and tectonic origin. There are two islands in the south part of the lake which originated from underwater eruptions. If you want to have a nature experience Lake Bolsena is definitely the place for you.


Viterbo is only 80km away from Rome and is worth visiting due to its beautiful architecture. The city center is surrounded by a medieval wall that was built in the 11th and 12th centuries. If you want to visit the center, you also have to go through ancient gates. Furthermore, you can visit the Palazzo Dei Papi which is the place that was hosted by the papacy for two decades.


Rieti is a tiny ancient city surrounded by Monti Reatini and Mount Termilino. If you want to go hiking or explore the mountains this town is a great place to do that. The city center of the city stands on a small hilltop and is very interesting to be seen from a San Mauro hill where you can take amazing pictures.

As you can tell, there is a lot to see and explore in the Center of Italy. We hope our Blogpost inspired you to see for yourself! Do you have questions? Please let us know in the comments below! Arrivederci! 

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