The North

Milan - Turin - Genoa - Bologna - Venice - Verona

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The North:

Milan – Turin – Genoa – Bologna – Venice – Verona – Milan

This backpacking route through northern part of Italy has for sure some of the most breathtaking topographical spots to discover. Remarkable are the Alps, lakes, vineyards, impressive coastlines, … and we cannot forget about the history and architecture. Our travel route for the north Italy road trip starts in Milan, where you can rent a Vespa scooter.


One could say, Milan is the most stylish city in Italy, even the whole world. But not only fashion is important in Milan, but there is also so much more to discover. Marvel at Leonardo DaVinci’s Last supper, try one of the many typical dishes, or yes, go shopping before continuing your Vespa tour. We recommend checking out B-thrifty for inspiration on thrift shops in Milan. 


Rarely does a city have such a beautiful backdrop as Turin. The Alps are right behind it, which gives the city a spectacular flair. Turin is in the Piedmont region and therefore very famous for truffles. Of course, there is fabulous architecture to admire as well as art and lots of Italian culture!


Some say, if Italy were only one City, it would be Genoa! However, two worlds collide: the chaotic, ancient, historical meets joie de vivre, magnificence, and beauty. Typical alleys, called caruggi, turn into huge, beautiful squares. Moreover, in this city, you will find the oldest port in Italy. Yes, Genoa is worth a visit!


This is the right place if you want to explore a real student city. Bologna has the oldest University in the world, founded in 1088. Therefore, you can find a lot of young people, which is super fun. As we all know, food is an important part of Italian culture. This is emphasized in Bologna, as it is considered the gastronomic capital of Italy! Ragu Bolognese, Mortadella and Certocino all originate from Bologna. Plan a day to try them all!


Oh Venice, there is just soo much to see! The vibe in Venice is like no other, be prepared to experience a city as you have never seen before, not only because it is on an Island. The history, the culture, the art, the food – you can find it all here while walking across bridges, taking water taxis, or a very romantic gondola ride. Be prepared to spend some money as Venice can get very pricey but a hundred times worth a visit!


The last stop of our this road trip route is the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. After Venice, you will enjoy the quieter city of Verona, where you can also explore and eat very good food. As in most of the Italian cities, there are numerous buildings with great history and architecture. There is an Opera at the Arena during your stay?

We hope that this blog inspired you to visit the Northern part of Italy with your Vespa. If you have any further questions you can Contact Us or leave a message below.


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