Get ready for your Roadtrip through Italy

The Concept


Take a road trip through Italy, hit the brakes wherever you want, enjoy breathtaking views, take some pictures of the most scenic landscapes, and then continue with your trip. All this on a Vespa, with your backpack, alone or in company, self-organized or pre-organized. Explore the historic and colorful country of Italy, at your own pace!


Inspired to go on your own backpacking Vespa trip through Italy? Do you want to see what Italy has to offer from a different point of view? Then follow our links to find tips, routes and more to get started!


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Routes and Destinations

Here you can find more information about Routes and Destinations in the North, the Center, and the South of Italy

General travel information for Italy

Find out more about what documents you need to enter Italy. Also find out about what you need to rent a Vespa.

Vespa rental station

Here you can find rental places along our Routes as well as repairshops for your Vespa Trip


Find out about selected hostels, hotels, and more in the North, the Center and the South of Italy

“Don’t forget to hit the brakes, and enjoy the view!”